Miss O’care guyz.  Haiz..but life has to move on

3M is so cool.  Everybody is friendly.  First day,  I had luch with Ms Ngoc and Chadran,  an Indian orthodontist.  We began the course at 2.  The 2 salemen from the North aren’t good at English so Ms Ngoc and I had to take turn translate to them.  fewww,  lucky me.  My English is good enough to answer all Chadran’s questions.   We worked from 2 to 6p.m and just took 5 minutes break at 3:00. However, I don’t feel tired, I’m happy and full of energy instead.  :))  maybe I love this job.  I learnt a lot today, more than any class in my uni.  Tomorrow, I’ll take part in 4-day Orthodontic class at National hospital for free.  hehe.  The sign up fee is 2800USD/person.  I wonder why my friend is so rich to spend that money for that course.  Admire! :))