It’s raining cats and dogs outside.  I’m here talking with my journal.  What a loser I am! haha

1.  This is the first time I’ve got upset with Linh.  I don’t satisfy with her attitude at work. I’m not her friend, not her collegue, I’m her boss.  All orders I gave must be followed at the time, with the people, with the manner as I said. It’s not a joke.  I was very angry when shouting at her.  At the end of the day,  she knocked at my room and give me a small present to apology.  I hope that she understand, and from now on, I won’t be so easy with my employees anymore.  

2.  Many people in my company don’t like me.  There are many gossips about me.  They talked that I worked as if I didn’t need money (hell, yeah…),  that I had a light piece of work with high salary , that  my salary must be high so my lifestyle, my spending was generous.  what the hell! At first,  when I gave the accountant my eating-out bills to help the company get the repay tax at the end of year, I didn’t think it would be the topic for them to discuss about where I ate, with what price, how  I could spend that money just for lunch frequently.  Hey hey,  that’s my money.  I spend it the way I want. That’s my life.  I live it the way I want.   you got it?  From now on,  my kindness, my dumbness is over.  They tried to get my boss shout at me, but it didn’t work haha…Lucky me.

3.  Dung gave me some advice that made me thinking alot.  I was so wrong.  He encourages me to start over.  thank him.

4.  Nguyen is so selfish.  He just wants me to listen to his blues.  He can be blue all day all night all month all year.  When I am happy, I don’t dare to share with him.  When I am blue, I don’t dare to tell him, either.  I just want him to listen to me, not to  judge me or tell me what to do.  Maybe I will try to do this to him first.

5.  Duong.  You made me disappointed.